Friday, July 22, 2011

What did you say about being a tug-of-war champ?

AHHH!! Sorry everyone! I know it’s been forever since I posted :/ We have been SUPER busy and there just hasn’t been any time to post. Well today you are going to get a bunch of posts J So, I know a lot of you saw my facebook status about getting in touch with my former AWANA tug-of-war champion self and a lot of asked what that was all about. Well last Friday (7/15/11) Mário and Lancy planned a water game day at the park with the youth group. We played games and afterwards Mário wrapped-up a topic they have been going through for quit some time. The games were SO MUCH FUN!!!! I in fact even sent a message to some of the JR staff at VBC with instructions on how to play the games because I know any JR (or really anyone) would love to play these game. We played kickball, water balloon toss “Cat and mouse,” “Numerical Circle Tag” and my personal favorite “Slip and slide tug-of war!!!!!!!! We played girls against girls and guys against guys and then we played girls against guys! The girls won 2/0!!!! We were all a little excited to beat the guys! It was really fun for me because as soon as they announced that girls vs. guys and we were lining up all the girls said “Heather in front! Heather in front!!!!” my favorite spot!! Once we won twice there was talk about me and the mom of one of the youth (who is in the army) was super proud of me standing up for strong women lol! It was awesome! After that I felt more like a part of the group which was super nice.More importantly Mário gave an amazing devotional. His passion for the word and that the youth grow in there faith was amazing to see displayed. He talked about being girls and guys who serve the Lord wholeheartedly and with purpose. It was a great message for the youth and for me.
Girls vs. Guys! We won 2/0!!!!

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  1. Hey everyone, I am having issues posting pictures and videos. I am trying to do at least one picture per post and I will add more later. Sorry!