Friday, July 22, 2011

What does Lancy do?

Well some of you may know the answer to this already but I’m betting most of you don’t. I’ve been here for just about two weeks and I’m still trying to figure out all the ministries she is either head of or involved in some way. First she leads a women’s Bible study once a week with somewhere between 3 and 8 women, depending on the night. This week all the women from the different groups are getting together for the final chapter. The purpose of this ministry it to build strong women of God who will in turn help to raise strong families. Once a week she also does a children’s Bible study/ activity with her “partner in crime” (according to Lancy) Lidia. Last Saturday they had day similar to the one we did on Friday with the youth, WATER GAMES!!! After the games Lidia taught on the topic of sins. All of the kids there were church kids so she focused more on needing to pray for their friends and family who aren’t saved. It was a really good reminder for me to that we need to courage to talk to our unbelieving friends and family about this amazing gift I have been given. One of Lancy’s (and Mário’s) biggest ministries is just having open hearts and an open house for the people around her. Since I have been here, there has been a birthday party, two movie nights, and she invited some ladies over after Bible study give them more time to make connections. On top of all that she and Mário have opened their home to not only me, but also the pastor and his wife, one of the youth who moved to Spain but came back for vacation and to work at camp, and another youth who need a place to stay for a bit. I was joking around with them asking them how they felt going from 0 to 3 kids in only a week! And once I realized that they were finally going to have their house to themselves again I asked Lnacy what she was going to do and she quickly answered, “oh, I think we are going to have some people over. Now I know that their house is not normally a mini hotel but with the meaning of the saying “open doors” is fully true. If God asks them to host some people for a bit they are more then willing to say, “We’d be glad too.”

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