Thursday, July 7, 2011

Hit the ground running

July 7th 2011

Well today is day two! Kind of… I had half a day here yesterday but it was a full day! I arrived about 45 mins later than planned but quickly found Lancy and Mario waiting at the entrance. It was good to see familiar faces! We got packed up in the car and started talking, after tell them I was ready for a nap Lancy said “well… unfortunately… no time for a nap. We have Bible study, prayer meeting and choir practice!” Looks like I hit the ground running! We got home, I got ready and we were off. The meeting was great! We did some worship, prayed through some stuff for the church, families, friends, I was even on the list! It was cool to pray in Portuguese and English, especially after pray in Spanish and1 English in Guatemala only a few days ago! I love it! It’s awesome to hear God praised in every language! After praying Mario lead the Bible study in Matthew, the parable of the net. On Saturday there is a festival and the church has been invited to sing, so I got to hear them practice their songs and I even tried to learn some of the songs. I got one and a half… Well there is MUCH more but we are leaving. I’ll post more later! Love you all


  1. Awesome!! so cool to hear you are having a good time there! Keep it up! You're my hero! Keep Lancy company for me, eh?! good! Love

  2. Good to hear Heather! We look forward to all that God will do through you in Portugal!