Saturday, July 9, 2011

What’s “a Casa Amarela”?

Well anyone who speaks Portuguese knows it mean the yellow house, but only those who live in Miratejo (where Lancy, Mário, and currently I live) know that it is a giant yellow house where that is used for a lot of different things. Today it was used for a festival! The church was asked to participate and decided to sing, dance, give away tracks and evangelical bracelets, face paint and do balloon twisting! I became the resident balloon-twisting expert… if you can call me that… Over the past few days I learned some of the basics; a two balloon flower, a dog, two types of swords, and a giraffe! I tried to learning a hat and both a one and two balloon butterfly/bee but those were WAY over my head! I also attempted a heart but that kinda flopped :/ It was really fun but I think I’ve had my fill of balloons for a while… at least a day or two…I don’t think my finger has ever hurt this bad from tying balloon! But it was worth it. It was hard to understand everyone when there was a line and parents and kids everywhere but I got through it was the help of some of the youth from the church. The rest of the activities also went really well! The line for face painting never ended! We had to start turning away kids because we had to leave and the festival was ending!! I was sad to stop but my finger was thankful for the rest! Well that’s all for now, there’s a bday party for one of the youth right now at the house and I should go attempt to use my Portuguese, wish me luck! Love y’all!

A super cool bounce house for the kids to play in!

Members of the church singing at the Festival

Some of the people who heard about God through the singing

An example of my balloon twisting skills... This isn't actually one I made at the festival, just something I made up from a left over balloon... I'll show better picture later :)

The damage done to my finger... doesn't do the injury justice... it was purple for a while :/ But it was worth it!


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  2. This all looks good heth!! so glad i got to talk to you on accident today! I liked my accident and hope you did too! ;) Love ya kid!